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Pirates board container ships navigating maritime choke points, kill or maim crew, capture vessels and steal cargoes at gunpoint.
Hijackers seize passenger aircraft, crash them into buildings, killing thousands of people and destroying businesses.
Bombers bring death and destruction to commuter trains in major metropolitan cities.
Saboteurs disrupt oil and gas supply pipelines traversing remote regions.
Asylum seekers and illegal migrants attempt to evade detection at international frontiers by stowing away among road and rail freight.

By sea, by air and overland, the transportation of people and goods has never been more perilous. In an increasingly networked world, never before have links in global logistics supply chains been more at risk; never before has the need for a worldwide watch on multiple threats to the safety and security of aviation, maritime and road and rail transport been so urgent.

Vigilo Risk provides transport security news, analysis and research that is relevant, impartial and timely, delivered in a clear and concise format to keep subscribers abreast of complex industry developments.

The Vigilo Risk service is produced by a team of editors who share wide international experience of reporting news and analysis about business, finance, diplomacy, politics and armed conflicts.
Subscribers can commission bespoke reports on threat assessments researched and written by our network of correspondents and tailored to your precise requirements - for your eyes only.

Accuracy, impartiality, conciseness and relevance are our watchwords.

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